The Old And New President

November 6th, 2004

It took me two days to recover from the U.S. Presidential Elections but at least I outlasted the American from the State Georgia who committed suicide at ground zero over this trauma. I have to admit that I have been speechless about the results and find it intensely difficult to say that: George W. Bush is the old and the new American president.
Even the majority of W’s foreign political enemies were happy with the results of the election. The Democrats would do endeavor the same imperialistic mode, e.g. the attack on Iraq, but would be clever enough to solidify a world-wide alliance seeking “legitimacy”. Mr. Bush will just continue on discrediting the U.S. and manipulate waves of people into the hands of his enemies and America has mandated it.

As Mr. Bush’s campaign was targeting the fears of Americans – namely through the threat of terrorism – the Bin Ladin tape was aired days before the elections and consequently assisted in both escalating those fears and escalating Bush’s numbers. I like to describe this as a classical “win-win situation”. Mr. Bush needs Mr. Bin Ladin to justify his imperialistic policy and Mr. Bin Ladin needs Mr. Bush to rationalize his “holy” (in my opinion, unjustified) war against the U.S. and ultimately confirm the Caliphate title he has been eyeing.

However, as the election results showed, Mr. Bush lost Arab and Jewish support – but as the tape showed, he won the support of at least one Arab: Osama Bin Ladin…

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