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I’m a software developer living in Hamburg, Germany and I’m specialized on software development with Java/JEE technologies and Oracle databases under Linux systems but I’m also very familiar with a dozen other programming languages, databases and operating systems.

I’m running a few websites whereas the one you probably already know is the Salam Business Club, a social business network aimed at business professionals from the Arab, Persian, Asian and Muslim world.

My company that all my businesses/projects are run under (except for the Salam Business Club) is called JAIDE.

Let’s what else we have… Oh, I also used to own and run afghanchat.com, probably the largest and most active Afghan community on the Internet. Then there’s also afghanshop.com, an online shopping website where you can purchase Afghan CDs and DVDs. Both are currently offline.

Every once in a while I publish articles related to software development on theserverside.de. Most of them are written by me but guest authors are also very welcome.

… and to answer the most frequently asked questions: I’m Afghan/Pashtun, born in 1977 in Jalalabad/Afghanistan.

Connect with me:
– Salam Business Club
@Riyadh – Follow me on Twitter

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